A few months ago, New Musuem unveiled details about a museum-led incubator that would bring artists and tech whizzes together to produce more awesome creations. Next month, the contemporary art museum will play home to Rhizome's fifth anniversary of Seven on Seven Conference. The event kicks off May 3, and it will pair leading figures from the art world with those from the realm of technology to dream up and develop new creations and designs.

On the day before the conference, seven teams will work independently throughout New York City to come up with a new idea. It can be anything from an application or product to a mere concept. The following day, the artists and techies will present their ideas at the conference. In addition, Microsoft Research's Kate Crawford will deliver a keynote presentation, and there will be a Q&A session afterwards.

This year's technologists are journalist Nick Bilton, ThinkUp's Anil Dash, Mozilla and Meatspace Chat's Jen Fong, Snapchat's David Kravitz, Scrollkit's Kate Ray, Jawbone's Aza Raskin, and Vine's Rus Yusupov. The artists are Kari Altmann, Ian Cheng, Simon Denny, Holly Herndon, Kevin McCoy, Frances Stark, and Hannah Sawtell.

The Seven on Seven conference sells out annually, so don't miss out on this year's edition. Act fast, and get your tickets now

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