We've seen the vomit painter, but this performance artist's disturbing painting technique makes throwing up colored milk look amateur. During the Art Cologne fair in Germany this year, Swiss artist Milo Moire "gave birth" to a painting by ejecting eggs filled with paint from—you guessed it—her vagina.

Morie performed her piece, called PlopEggs Painting, right out on the street, where she stood astride two platforms completely naked and dropped the paint capsules from her body. According the description in on her YouTube video of the performance, the work is "about the creation fear, the symbolic strength of the casual, and the creative power of the femininity."

After Moire finished birthing the painting, she folded the canvas in half and ran a squeegee over it. The result is a bizarre version of a Rorschach Test that (appropriately) resembles a uterus.

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