Yesterday, TIME Magazine unveiled their "100 Most Influential People of 2014" list, and included alongside Beyoncé, Pope Francis, and Hillary Clinton is performance artist Marina Abramovic, who is listed in the "Icons" section, not the section for "Artists."

2014 has been a pretty big year for Abramovic so far, and the later half of 2013 was even bigger. There was her successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the Abramovic Institute, collaborations with Lady Gaga and Jay Z, the screening of Matthu Placek's film A Portrait of Marina Abramovic at Sundance, and now there's buzz surrounding her upcoming performance at Serpentine Gallery this summer.

In addition, to mark the occasion of Abramovic's appearance in TIME, Sean Kelly Gallery just announced it will host a solo exhibition of her work this October. The upcoming show will be nearly 20 years since her first exhibition with the gallery in 1995. It seems like the artist makes headlines for a new project every month, so her spot on the list should not be contested.

An artist in his own right, James Franco wrote an article about Abramovic for the TIME list. In it he says that he studied her work while attending UCLA and calls Abramovic "the presiding deity of performance art." Franco continues with" I love the simple Marina, the powerful Marina, when the artist is present within her... I trust Marina to carve the artist out of her celebrity and use her celebrity to bring what she stands for into the here and now, looking straight into the eyes of all of us, strangers still, but courageous, curious, inspired, creative participants afterward."

To check out the other 99 people who made the list, click through to the TIME website.

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[via TIME