Since its humble beginnings, streetwear has become a full-fledged lifestyle that is a powerful force in the conversation of fashion, music, and pop culture in general. And with everyone always looking forward to the next drop, the next collab, and the next big brand, there's very little time to take pause and consider the current state of things that tend to be ignored or swept under the rug. 

This feature wasn't taken as an opportunity to lament about how kids these days don't know how good it was back in the day. Or to simply hate on the annoying aspects of the culture. This feature is meant to contribute to or maybe even start up the conversation about topics and issues that don't receive the amount of shine they might deserve in a world where there's time to approach the minutiae with consideration. And this doesn't mean that our love for it all is any less, but in the spirit that some uncomfortable truths deserve serious thought, these are 10 Things Everyone Thinks About Streetwear (But No One Will Say).

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