Taschen worked with legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb to create one of the most impressive sketchbook collections you are likely to ever see. Following the release of the six-volume 1982-2011 set, Taschen has now made available the second set of six sketchbooks that chronicles some of R. Crumb's earlier works from 1964-1982.

Each of the six hardcover books in R. Crumb Sketchbooks: 1964-1982 has a total of 224 pages. Instead of including every image that he ever produced, R. Crumb worked with Taschen to select his best works and reproduce them directly from his original sketchbooks. The artist also hand-wrote the introduction to the set, and hand-colored the limited edition lithographs of Gurls! Sex which are included in each of the 1,000 sets. 

Flipping through the sketchbook collection is like taking a personalized journey through the mind of Robert Crumb, a place that many dare not go. From his Snatch, Zap, Despair, and Weirdo comics, to Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural, hardcore fans get to see all of their favorite pen-and-ink style characters in one place and new fans are presented with the full gamut in spectacular fashion. 

As we mentioned before, the sets are limited to 1,000 copies and each is $1,000. For more information and to see a larger preview, head to the Taschen website here.