While the rest of you were anticipating the appearance of a blood moon during Monday night's total lunar eclipse, Escif was busy creating his own "Eclipse." The street artist just put the finishing touches on a mural in his hometown of Valencia, Spain.

Escif, who is known for his straightforward and cheeky imagery, painted his latest piece to comment on the strength of the euro. In case you're not up to speed on world news, the euro has reached its highest point against the dollar in over two years, which is bad for Spain because the country's consumer prices are expected to drop and its number of exports lowered. Basically, a huge blow to the nation's economy is predicted.

Though no one knows for sure what the ever elusive Escif is trying to convey in his "Eclipse" mural, it seems as if the artist is also calling for the nation to take action and weaken the euro. In any case, it's a super graphic, dope-looking mural.

[via StreetArtNews]

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