Raf Simons had people talking when it was announced he would be taking the helm at Dior. His first Haute Couture show for the fashion brand was, understandably so, one of the most anticipated. While it may be unlikely that any of us will ever get to step foot in Simons' atelier, there is at least Dior and I, a new documentary that provides a behind the scenes look at these tumultuous and exciting times for both Dior and Simons.

The new doc, written and directed by Frederic Tchengwhich, chronicles the creation of Simons' first collection at Dior. In this short clip above, you can follow his design team as they put in work and when Simons pop some bubbly. Really, it's an interesting look inside an environment few get to experience first hand. 

And don't worry. While the documentary is predominantly in French, there are subtitles. 

[via Selectism]