We all know the sinking feeling of realizing we've misplaced our wallet or keys just as we're about to step out of the house. 

Luckily, luxury accessory brand Parabellum has you covered with its latest collection. The brand has partnered with TrackR's wireless locator technology to create sleek wallets and keychains that can be found simply by using the TrackR app on your smartphone. Which means you'll never have to turn your room inside out while trying to remember where you threw your wallet the night before. And thieves won't be able to successfully steal your wallet (and money). 

The brand is also introducing a new larger model of its popular Courier wallet that features a unisex design and comes in a variety of colorways. Additionally, the traditional Courier wallet has been updated with a more robust zipper and is now available in burgundy and white.

Both the Courier collection and a pre-order for the TrackR enabled items are available online.