Outlier’s innovative prowess has extended to all of the products it has created through the years. The latest creation is a pair of bottoms called the New Way Shorts. Let’s just say you probably won’t need any other pair of shorts this summer, because these bad boys are so versatile you can practically do anything in them.

For starters, it’s made out of the brand’s F. Cloth, which boasts a DWR treated lightweight and breathable material. This makes the fabric perfect for swimming since it will dry quickly when you’re out of the water. It also features a smart tailored cut, so you can bring them to more formal places like yachting events without looking like a bro. And if you’re constantly on the move, the shorts are engineered for performance so you can use them in your next triathlon. Basically, these might be the only pair of shorts you’ll need for the summer.

Visit the Outlier website to purchase.