LA-based artist David Choe's chaotic paintings and murals are filled with colorful creatures, wild lines, and fragmented portraits. Working on both the street and on canvas, Choe's work is overflowing with energy. While he depicts both real and fantastical figures, one of his favorite characters is a buck-toothed whale named Munko.

Thanks to Upper Playground, you can now own one of Choe's whales in the form of a humorous plush toy. Choe describes his creation: "When you are with Munko, you just be, and you will finally be at peace with your fucking self."

We're giving away a Munko. Here's how you win:

First, follow Complex Art on Twitter and Facebook.

Then follow Upper Playground on Twitter and Facebook.

THEN send us the following tweet so we know you want Munko:

"I want to win @DavidChoe's Munko whale! @complex_art @upperplayground #upperplayground #munkocontest"

One winner will receive a Munko toy, and we will let you know by Wednesday 4/16. Of course, if you can't wait, you can buy Munko online here. Good luck!

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