These days, just getting a streetwear brand off the ground and gaining some momentum can be considered a serious accomplishment. But to build a brand that is consistently producing highly-coveted product over the course of a decade is a serious feat that not many have been able to achieve. Mighty Healthy launched in 2004, and through dedication to the brand's vision, it has seen more than its share of wild moments, lessons learned the hard way, and creations that have resonated widely with an audience that's stayed hungry for more.

Founder Ray Mate has a decade under his belt, and he was generous enough to share his personal favorite products, wisdom gained, and good times had while running a brand that has helped shape the streetwear landscape since the label launched. If you're a fan of the label and want to hear straight from the head honcho, or you want to see what goes into running a successful brand for over a decade, then peep Mighty Healthy Founder Ray Mate Breaks Down the Best Moments from the Brand's First 10 Years.

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