Italian art duo Roberto and Renato Miaz, known as the Miaz Brothers, will make their UK debut at Lazarides Rathbone with a solo exhibition entitled "Dematerialized, A New Contemporary Vision." The exhibition will feature new, large-scale portraits from their "Antimatter" series.

The artists laid down layer after layer of spray paint to create the blurred faces of old masters and ghost men. They chose spray paint as a medium for the "dematerialized" works as a way to "represent the fact that we are composed of infinite particles in continuous evolution, which change in tandem with the complex reality that surrounds us...dematerialising the lines, we gain a substantial indetermination of the picture. This skips any immediate reaction and provokes the viewer to use mnemonic associations instead for their own personal visual information encoding.”

The Miaz Brothers will also show research paintings and sculptures used during the creative process. The exhibition opens on May 15 and runs through June 15. For more information, head to the Lazarides website.