Mid-length jackets like these are the move right now and, like, always to be honest since they're perfect for layering and perfect on their own. I would wear one of these Post O'Alls numbers with a tunic or a boro long shirt and some white sneakers and dark sunglasses and a fancy five panel pulled real low. That would be my mean editor look. Like, if we were shooting on location for an editorial, I'd show up an hour into setup and breeze through the hair and makeup trailer, the navy joint flowing, top two buttons buttoned, with a cool Hermes notebook and rare Japanese mechanical pencil in my pocket. Everyone would think I was writing really important notes about editorial changes and layout decisions, but really I'd just be writing down some dope raps and my Seamless order for Veronica to place. Veronica is the editorial assistant that always fucks up which katsu spot to order from. HOW CAN YOU IDENTIFY OSCAR DE LA RENTA SPRING/SUMMER 02, BUT NOT KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY ORDER FOOD FROM YOUR IPHONE, VERONICA? DO WE NEED TO REINSTATE THE UNPAID INTERN PROGRAM? BECAUSE THAT MORON FROM SARAH LAWRENCE COULD GET ME THE RIGHT LUNCH EVERY TIME. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. Maybe you should major in Media Arts with a minor in Latin too, Veronica.