We've all had our "girlfriend" (re: Mom) carelessly toss out our favorite piece of clothing. Well, Mike Natenshon of Marine Layer, actually did something about it. After his significant other discarded his go-to tee, the former investment banker spent a year and 40 grand syphoning through fabrics, fits and designs with co-founder Adam Lynch to provide the everyman with insurance against our immutably careless female counterparts. 

The result is a comfy AF collection of tees, button-downs, hoodies, dresses and lounge attire, with a small environmental footprint to boot. The bespoke fabric—born of pima cotton and MicroModal made from recycled beech wood—is so soft that Natenshon and Lynch will send you a free swatch.

Check out the brand's website, or a hit up one of the brick-and-mortar stores if you live in San Francisco.

[via Cool Hunting]