During SXSW this year, Lady Gaga's performance included getting vomited on, more than once, in the name of art. Relying on British artist Millie Brown's gag reflex, Gaga positioned herself in the line of fire while Brown upchucked a rainbow of dyed milk. 

The vile stunt performance piece rose questions about Brown's form of "painting," which some believe glamorizes bulimia, sparking a petition for Gaga to end her professional relationship with the artist. From a recent release of photos by another controversial co-worker of Gaga's, Terry Richardson, it looks like the pop star is still buddies with the vomit painter.

Last night, Lady Gaga performed at Roseland Ballroom in an Elvis-meets-stripper outfit—purple rhinestones and gargantuan hair. In a Richardson shot from backstage, Brown presents Gaga with one of her infamous vomit paintings. Richardson also revealed photos of Gaga with her previous collaborators, Marina Abramovic and Lady Starlight.

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