Renowned feminist artist Judy Chicago turns 75 this year. In case you aren't familiar with her, she's most famous for her controversial installation The Dinner Party. It depicts the table settings of 39 mythological and historical women, on top of which are dishes stacked with butterfly and flower-like sculptures that symbolize the vulva. The installation is on permanent view at the Brooklyn Museum, where Chicago is also currently exhibiting some of her earlier works. In conjunction with "Chicgo in L.A.: Judy Chicago's Early World, 1963-74," the artist will actually put on an outdoor component of the exhibition. 

On April 26 at 7:30 p.m. in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, Chicago will present a pyrotechnic A Butterfly for Brooklyn, no doubt an allusion to her famous Dinner Party. The piece will last approximately 20 minutes, and it will measure 200-feet wide by 180-feet high. It'll probably look similar to her fireworks show in Pomona, Calif. from two years ago, pictured above. Those who are in New York should come out for the stunning exhibition and to celebrate Chicago's 75th birthday.

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