We’ll take “Being a dick” for $800, Alex.

If you want to see someone burn Alex Trebek like Darrell Hammond’s Sean Connery character on SNL, just watch this clip from Jeopardy’s latest episode. Everything was going all right in one of the little chat sessions between segments. That’s until host Trebek began speaking with contestant Tom Kavanaugh.

Tom is working on a documentary about sweatshop labor. As he was sharing this little anecdote about his life, he decided to fire a verbal missile at Trebek. “Maybe you can find out the names of the 8 year olds who made your fancy suit there, Alex.”

Uh, awk. Tom tries to play it off by jokingly following up with "Was that too low? Was that a low blow?” Honestly, he would have cut right through the awkwardness if he followed up with “Suck it, Trebek” Watch it unfold above.

[via Gawker]