Everyone knows that Seth Rogen and James Franco have been close friends since the days of Freaks and Geeks, but judging by the two paintings that Franco posted on Instagram, their friendship may be much deeper than we know. 

The paintings depict Seth Rogen laughing and rolling around butt ass naked with the words "Big Bear" and "Seth At Play." There is no backstory, but we imagine that Rogen actually posed for these or Franco has quite the imagination. We had to censor the photos above for obvious reasons, but you can head to Franco's IG to see more of Rogen than you probably ever wanted to.

UPDATE: According to Artnet, Franco's nude paintings of Rogen are based on a book of fan art by Christopher Schulz entitled Seth from 2011. Franco sent out the following tweet announcing that the art will be shown in both Pace and OHWOW galleries, but a representative for Pace told the Huffington Post that this is not true.

The photos have since been removed from Franco's Instagram.

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