Artist Red (a.k.a. Hong Yi) is a fan of unusual materials, relying on food, coffee stains, or dried flowers to craft her masterpieces. Her newest work is no exception. Using 64,000 chopsticks, she has created an enormous portrait of the most lovable action hero, Jackie Chan.

Red put together this strange work to celebrate Jackie Chan's 60th birthday with a symbol of Chinese culture. She bunched together the chopsticks and then hung them to resemble Chan's face. The work is almost like a 3D Roy Lichtenstein, composed from thousands of dots (or in this case, the rounded tips of chopsticks).

"This piece was inspired by his chopsticks battle scene in the Fearless Hyena," said Red. "There are 60 bamboo holders with skewers in them that form the Chinese character 'long' (dragon) in different styles, because Jackie's Chinese name is 'Chen Long.'"

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[via My Modern Met]

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