With a new table from IKEA, singles will never have to eat alone again. The company's Malaysia branch has released the LÖNE Singleton Dining Table (or so it seems), a table for one that lets you keep yourself company during meals.

Equipped with a mirror and space for one plate, LÖNE lets you watch yourself as you chow down a microwave dinner.

IKEA Malaysia posted the table on their Facebook page on Sunday with the caption, "Good news for singles. Our new LÖNE singleton dining table comes with a mirror, perfect for those times you wished you had someone to eat with at home." 

Suspicious that the product might be an April Fool's joke, especially considering the faux Swedish name and the fact that we couldn't find it on IKEA Malaysia's website, we reached out to the company but have yet to hear back.

It's most likely fake, but for now, let's just believe in the glory that is the LÖNE. 

UPDATE APRIL 2, 2014 11:00 A.M. ET: We received the following response from a Product Placement Specialist at IKEA:

To me, this definitely looks like a joke. The ELLE Malaysia’s hyperlink to the product, just goes to IKEA Malaysia’s Facebook page, not to their website, so that is a clue there. Also, we wouldn’t never be that literal in naming a product, ie LÖNE...alone. Products are named after cities, flowers, etc., so they are real existing Swedish names/words/places.

UPDATE APRIL 2, 2014 11:10 A.M. ET: IKEA Malaysia has confirmed that the table is fake on Facebook, unfortunately for all the singles out there. Still, it's a pretty awesome April Fool's joke. The company revealed how they created the fake product with this image:

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