Giuseppe Zanotti spoke with Fashionista recently, ostensibly about a capsule collection that celebrates 20 years of making shoes. But what stuck out was his description of working with Kanye West, which UOENO about until recently.

Basically, Zanotti and Kanye West hold each other in great esteem and mutual admiration, and have an ideal sounding work relationship. Plus, Kanye West once sang for Zanotti and his team.

“I met Kanye in Milan during a charity event. He’s very sweet, very sensitive and sometimes dangerous because he’s sensitive. He’s a good guy. Good heart. He’s a poet. We met twice and then he asked to come into my maison because he wanted to understand the process of [creating a] collection of shoes and design. We started with something elegant for his runway, then we did something else—sneakers—together. He taught me something, I taught him something."

Sounds like a typical collaborative process, right? Well, then things got musical.

"Also, I showed him my archives of records and he sang something for me, for my team. It was good synergy, exchange of sensation and love.”

After moving past Kanye, Zanotti revealed that he might soon collaborate with Kid Cudi, as well as Will.I.Am and Nicki Minaj. As for hip-hop overall, he said, “I’m a big fan of artists. Some are hip hop, some are not. I think hip-hop is a sound, it’s an energy, but also it’s poetry.”

[via Fashionista]