Hot on the heels of their botanical spring/summer 2014 lookbook, Garbstore lets you in on all the brands you'll be wearing this spring with the "news" lookbook.

Garbstore is clearly in the know when it comes to what we've been wanting for spring. Sure, the basic tees and shorts are here for when the weather turns up (in temperature at least), but you'll be hard pressed to not find a piece that doesn't have some kind of eccentric or utilitarian detail. Prints? Norse Projects, Axs Folk Technology, and Engineered Garments have you covered. Outerwear? Look no further than Patagonia, Palace, or Mountain Research.

Names like Needles, Han Kjobenhavn, Gitman, Yuketen, and Reigning Champ are just a sampling of the all-star cast that Garbstore has crammed into this lookbook.

Take a peek at the lookbook over at Garbstore—we bet you'll be marking your must-haves in under five minutes.

[via Garbstore]