Beautiful Fül just sent over their S/S 14 lookbook, which vibes v California and v greaser. I wish I could be a cool greaser, but, let's be real, I'd totally be a herb like Pony Boy or that punk bitch Johnny. However, the more I think about it, the more I realize I couldn't be a greaser at all because I'm bald as fuck and I'm pretty sure to be a greaser you need to use a shit ton of hair product to give yourself that patented cool ass greaser hairstyle. Anyways, my inability to become a greaser has very little to do with this brand or its lookbook. My one observation that is actually topical? Those trench coats with the MA-1 sleeve pockets are straight LA FLAME. Head on over to Beautiful Fül's site to check out an accompanying S/S 14 video as well as cop some shit.