Nicky Diamonds has turned Diamond Supply co. into a full-fledged, international empire. After over 15 years of providing apparel, the brand is looking to expand its reach past skateboarding and streetwear and into the alcoholic beverage industry. Over the weekend, Nicky posted a photo of a diamond-shaped bottle of Vodka on Instagram.

He shared details on the upcoming drink within the caption: "Can't wait to launch our new premium V.V.S. Vodka soon that I have been giving out to my friends at Coachella to try. Distilled 6 times & 3 times filtered to guarantee its mild taste. Produced in Bulgaria from 100% pure grain spirit & Spring water. #diamondlife#premium #Vodka."  

No word on when the vodka will hit liquor stores or Diamond Supply co. shops, but stay tuned and stay thirsty.

[via Nicky Diamonds on Instagram]