In an investigation into an assumed meth Lab near 8 Mile, Detroit police ended up encountering a well stocked, multi-million shoplifting warehouse.

Detroit police were on the trail of three women who were notorious for stealing several thousand dollars worth of over-the-counter medication and other goods from area stores. Believing the group was ultimately flipping the drugs for meth production, the police tracked the group of women to a warehouse, where they discovered more than $3 million worth of assorted goods, including the stolen pharmaceuticals.

The scheme involved the women using modified clothes to steal between $9,000 and $15,000 a day, with a $2,500 payoff waiting for them when then returned to the warehouse. The stolen items were eventually sold online via Amazon and eBay, and shipped through the group's warehouse headquarters.

If the stock wasn't made up entirely of stolen goods, it would almost seem legit. The industrial-sized space had an organizational shelf system and a lift-truck to facilitate deliveries.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that the group was so profitable, they were able pay for their 7,600-square-foot warehouse expansion center by dropping 200 grand in cash.

[via Gawker]