Back in February, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that artist Dan Graham and landscape architect Günther Vogt would design this year's roof-garden installation. While we were psyched to hear the news, no one had a clue what Graham and his collaborator had in mind for the Met. Just yesterday, however, the two completed the installation, entitled Hedge Two-Way Mirror Walkabout. It's one that will bring you face to face with a sight familiar to all New Yorkers. 

Placed in between ivy hedgerows, the work consists of curved steel and two-way mirrored glass that reflects the city's skyline. Graham created the glass installation while Vogt helped envision the terrain. The structure is designed to be "part garden maze, part modernist skyscraper façade," according to a press release. On the one hand, it shows viewers a recognizable scene of New York's skyline. Surrounded by Vogt's green handiwork, however, visitors are also prompted to think about their city in a new way. At least, that's what the two artists intended by juxtaposing steel and greenery. 

Like the Met's past roof-garden installations, Hedge Two-Way Mirror Walkabout will be on view until Nov. 2, 2014, but you'll probably want to catch it when the weather's nice. 

[via TheWallStreetJournal]