You've seen enough movies to know what the future could hold for the greatest city in the world, and it's not pretty. When the apocalypse does come to Brooklyn (zombies, aliens, gentrifiers...take your pick), artist Coby Kennedy will be more than ready.

To fit the narrative of his current body of work, Kennedy has been taking Brooklyn street signs and using them to fashion crude swords, shields, and other weapons to defend himself against any threat. With a background in industrial design, he is a pro at designing and crafting things out of metal and finding ways to use objects for more than their intended purpose. Kennedy's art looks 400 years into the future, but we kind of hope things go down a lot sooner because we want an excuse to swing a Nostrand Ave machete at something.

Beyond the cool factor, the pieces that Kennedy makes also tell a story about present day Brooklyn. "It’s based on a narrative which reflects contemporary situations...A lot of the street signs are from places in Brooklyn that have history and weight, places that are losing that particular culture." In a piece ANIMAL wrote for Metro New York, the artist also talks about the other works in the narrative, including sculptures and paintings. Click the links above to read more, and check out the video that ANIMAL produced below that shows inside Kennedy's crazy workshop:

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[via ANIMAL]