Last month, ANIMAL reported that the Banksy x BNE collaboration to raise money for Charity: Water was in fact a lie, and people became outraged when the learned the truth. Charity: Water spokesman Paull Young tells ANIMAL that they are "no longer in possession" of the donation money (approximately $35,000) because donors began demanding their money back.

PayPal reviewed and terminated BNE's account and flagged the donation to Charity: Water as an "unauthorized payment." Young says that "If donors have any questions or refund requests they will have to go directly through BNE as we are no longer in communication with the organization." 

ANIMAL also reports that BNE won't issue certificates of authenticity with FAILE, Shepard Fairey, or Invader collaborative t-shirts, "despite Faile’s insistence that they do."

It looks like BNE is losing friends fast. Will anyone want to work with the organization after this?

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[via ANIMAL]