For those who aren't familiar with Carnage, it's an independent Brooklyn-based publisher that was created to document the graffiti from around the world and New York City. This Friday, the brand will release Issue 7 of its limited edition zine, which features the works of MAYHEM crew from New York and New Jersey.

The issue takes a look at the history of MAYHEM, a crew who pushed the boundaries of graffiti writing while still maintaining their own visual and artistic integrity. Printed on top notch stock, it's a full color zine dedicated to the crew's work, featuring exclusive photos, stories, and illustrations from members Chip7, Pose, Vizie, Zephyr, Dalek, the late Nace, Nekst, and Dash Snow

Carnage Issue 7's release also coincides with the opening of MAYHEM crew founder Chip7's show at Scumbags and Superstars in Brooklyn (16 Wilson Ave, Bushwick). The painter and graffiti artist now lives in Thailand but is back in the States specifically for this release and show. There are only 600 numbered edition copies of Issue 7 available, so be sure to stop by to pick one up and check out Chip7's work April 25 from 7-10 p.m. Peep the video below for a closer look at what you'll find inside this glorious issue.

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