Falling under the Joy collection,  BWGH and Puma just unveiled the “Darkshadow” pack, one of several that all under the umbrella of this partnership. Not only will it include some reworked sneakers, but apparel will be included as well. While we've seen American Expressionist art-inspired offerings items turning out in blue and gray, the new range is dipped in yellow, gray, and anthracite color-blocked items.  

The collection is comprised of performance items that include tees, sweaters, jackets, sweatpants, and a blazer. But a serious standout is a sweet fisherman sweater that fades from yellow to gray. Don’t let the name of the pack fool you, this collection is anything but gloomy, and should brighten up your wardrobe as soon as you start copping.

Pre-orders start on the BWGH website on May 1.