On Sunday, season 7 of Mad Men airs to the mixed emotions of many. While yes, some of us have been craving more episodes (and answers), it comes with the sadness that this is the show's last season ever. 

There is only one way to cope with this impending loss—art. We've revisited many of the pieces one sees repeatedly on the show, whether it be in Joan's office or Don's apartment. Most works of art are expensive to license for film and television, therefore, it makes sense that a lot of these were painted in the style of Abstract Expressionist painting or Op art. 

See what may have passed you by over the last six seasons with Artoholics: Breaking Down the Art You Missed on "Mad Men," and if you want to learn more about Set Decorator Amy Wells and Production Designer Dan Bishop do it, check out AMCTV's video on the subject.

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