By now you should know how intense peeps in Japan can get when it comes to clothing. I've always found it most interesting because of the fact that Japan's fascination with American culture came after we basically tried to blow up their entire country, but that is not here nor there. What is awesome is how dedicated people in Japan can be about their hobbies. And, in this case, how invested in the D.I.Y. punk spirit the guys behind leather brand Blackmeans are. In the above video created by The Selby, we see designers Yujiro Komatsu, Takatomo Ariga and Masatomo Ariga discussing textiles and tirelessly working on their handmade garments. Damn, you know how insane it is to sit around all day sandpapering and enzyme spraying a leather jacket to make it look authentically "punk"? I'm sure there's some hardcore punk fans getting all sorts of butthurt watching this video right now, foaming at the mouth, ready to rip into these guys about pre-distressing jackets to represent the aesthetic principles of a scene, something they probably consider "inauthentic." But clearly these designers love the punk movement for all of its parts, from the music to the camaraderie to, obviously, the gear. The fact is, clothing is the easiest way for one to relay their interests to other human beings, and the easiest way to both literally and figuratively buy into a movement. Plus, and most importantly, shut the fuck up because these leather jackets look badass and arguing over authenticity is corny AF.