Sunday night television is so stacked these days between Game Of Thrones, Mad Men and Sunday Night Baseball that I literally don't know a single person who watched the MTV Movie Awards last night. I guess that's a good thing, since I'm also not trying to strike up Monday morning conversations with 16-year-old girls (shout outs to the gawd J.Franco though). If I had watched this shit, I feel like I would have felt pretty taken aback by all the struggle celebs in attendance. It seems like although there were a few genuine A-Listers in the mix, 87% of all of the people on the red carpet were either people you can only see on MTV original programming or totally irrelevant since 2012 (sorry, Conan). But one thing is for sure, the outfits, alphets and booze (read: coke) were all present in large quantities last night, and you already know we've selected the the best of the best aka the worst of the worst.