Combining one of the most recent creative technologies with one of the oldest might seem like a risky venture, but this project totally nailed it. Two fearless London-based creative agencies, DBLG and Blue Zoo, unleashed Bears on Stairs, a stop-motion animated short that is composed from 50 3D-printed models. Instead of sequencing the short from individual frames, the companies elected to print the animated sequence as a set of models, which they then photographed to make the stop-motion sequence.

The video's clunky aesthetic reminds viewers of early computer animations (the beast’s pixilated texture certainly adds to this perception), and what’s interesting about such a presentation is that it seems to be completely backward. Since its inception, digital animation has sought to become so lifelike that viewers wouldn't tell the digital from the real; here, it seems as though trying to convince viewers that they are looking at a computer production is the ultimate goal.

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[via AnimalNewYork]