Not that long ago, women were all over dudes with full-on facial hair growth. But now that beards have become stylish (and more common), women are finding them less attractive, at least according to researchers at the University of New South Wales. "We may well be at peak beard," said Professor Robert Brooks, who led the research. 

About 1,000 plus women were shown pictures and asked to rate the attractiveness of men with and without beards. The result: clean-shaven dudes were preferred over their Chewbacca-faced peers.

That said, those who support beards have argued the research is "one dimensional" and based on assumptions. Keith Flett, founder of Beard Liberation Front, added that "men have beards for reasons entirely unrelated to sexual attraction." 

Whatever the case may be, please don't spend $7,000 on a beard transplant.

[via Telegraph]