Not all vandals are treated equally. That's a lesson that David William Noll may learn the hard way after defacing two famous Banksy pieces in Los Angeles and filming the acts for YouTube. According to TMZ, Noll was charged four times for vandalizing Banksy's Girl in a Swing and Peeing Dog pieces because he returned five days after painting them and hit the walls with paint remover. Apparently, felony vandalism has a maximum sentence of five years, a fact that some graffiti artists know all too well

TMZ asked the Los Angeles County District Attorney why Banksy wasn't charged for the initial acts of vandalism and learned that there has to be a complaint from the property owner for charges to be filed. If Noll does go down for this, he better have a convincing story made up for the guys inside. No one wants to sit in prison for five years for vandalizing illegal street art and being busted via YouTube.

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[via TMZ]