French photographers Thomas Subtil and Clarisse Rebotier have combined their creative efforts in a new series that answers the question, “What if animals took the subway?”

“No one today sees the subway as something that can give pleasure or satisfaction,” said Subtil. The artists’ amazing manipulated images depict the world as it would be if wild creatures could utilize public transportation.

The goal of this enterprise was to inspire people to see the world differently, to spice of the humdrum of the day-to-day with humorous imagination. “Children look at the world with curiosity and surprise,” said Rebotier. “Photos of animals outside their usual habitat can recreate that same kind of feeling in adults.”

The photographers took care to ensure that the images were both realistic enough to be plausible, but surreal enough that they still exhibited a “dreamlike aspect.” “We want these people to think they are anywhere else,” explained Rebotier.

Their series “Animetro” is on display at the Millesmie Gallery in Paris through April 17.

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[via DesignTaxi]