We've already discussed Aimé Leon Dore's pledge to extend beyond the common brand and delve into the narrative of its beautiful clothing. Next up: a profile on Jerry Buttles, the California-born, NYC-based photographer who shot ALD's debut lookbook.  

Buttles has garnered as much attention for his signature photographic style as he has for his high profile clientele. His portfolio includes Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Nike, and A.P.C. What brought Teddy Santis (the visionary behind Aimé) to him was his ability to capture realism—Buttle's style draws you into the imperfection of any setting, foregoing idealism—along with a recent magazine cover for MMM (what's that cover, Margiela?).

Check the video above, in which Buttles voices his backstory and the improbable lightning strike that is his success. 

[via Aimé Leon Dore]