The Kickstarter to get Josh Wishnow's film The Sand Storm finished is still underway, and Ai Weiwei fans are excited to see the artist make his acting debut as a smuggler in the sci-fi flick. The trailer shots of Weiwei in his goggles and helmet were too good for the Internet to pass up, and because we haven't seen a good meme in quite some time, the folks over at ArtInfo decided to do what needed to be done.

They Photoshopped Weiwei's head into various classic and cult sci-fi films including Star Wars, Dune, Back to the Future II, The Matrix, Wild Wild West, and Blade Runner. We're not sure if the meme will take off in the art world, but we really hope it does. We also hope that this film is the first of many in Weiwei's filmography. The legend grows.

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[via ArtInfo]