The 3D printer has been revolutionizing everything from art to medicine to accessories, and its latest foray has been into the field of architecture. Peter Ebner, architect and UCLA professor, tasked his architecture students with a homework assignment for the ages: develop a 3D-printed apartment that’s easy to transport and manage.

The class rose to the challenge and then some, constructing mini mobile homes that measure 50 square feet and are equipped with thermal insulation, electricity, water, heating, and sewage systems (which are also 3D printed). The living area comes with a collapsible counter, a foldaway toilet, a pullout bed, and a wall-sized entertainment system.

UCLA architecture and urban design studio 3M futureLAB believes these abodes would best suit the lifestyles of 25-35 year-olds, and one Chinese corporation has already indicated an interest in producing several hundred of these contraptions over the next two years.

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[via psfk]