For years, street artists have been showing their art on city walls to get their message across to the public. With artists like gilf! wrecking a kitchen inside an abandoned apartment as her way of condemning gentrification and Maya Hayuk, Swoon, and Lady Aiko all completing eye-catching murals on the now iconic Bowery Wall, street art has proved to be a powerful art form. In fact, the influence of street art has even pushed itself into fine art, too. More and more, the world is seeing components of urban art inside fine art studios and galleries, too. Last week, Art Now NY opened "Push It," an exhibition of 21 female artists from New York and California.

"Push It" showcases 42 works by the likes of Hayuk, Swoon, Lady Aiko, gilf! as well as emerging artists who combine street art aesthetics and methods into their studio practices. It's a huge show that you won't want to miss. Click through the photos to see some of the works on view right now, and catch the show before it ends April 26.

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