Anyone else wanna go in on some of these Boathouse Gore-Tex pullovers? I don't know what the minimum order is, but I think we should make Four Pins ones soon. I don't even know who I'd have to talk to in our office to get the ball rolling on such a thing, but I need to know NOW. Even if those don't come to fruition this shit is still impeccable. Moy would probably know about these because he loves to talk about his days in private school—an institution which most definitely had a rowing team. Excuse me, a crew team. All that nonsense aside, peep the fucking extended tuck tail! If E.G. did that on a jacket everyone would lose their goddamned mind, and Boathouse deserves the same kind of respect. These are just flat out remarkable. I'm actually surprised that a streetwear brand hasn't ordered a grip of these yet and printed their brand on the front. You're welcome, Internet youth.