Swiss tailored suit company Suitart has just designed the most expensive custom suit in the world. How much does it cost exactly? $3.2 million

The Diamond Armor, as the suit is called, is waterproof and contains an air condition cooling system. Yeah. The "diamond" aspect of the suit literally translates to diamonds: 600 black diamonds lace the lapel and 280 are on the buttons of the jacket. In case you need more bling, there's also a matching watch and recommended 24-carat golden silk tie to go with it.

Basically, a suit like this will have you stunting like a real lord. You will probably also attract haters, but you'll be able to brush anything they shoot your way because the suit is fucking bullet proof. 

Suitart hasn't released any images of the suit yet, but check out the sketch above.  

[via Suitart]