To commemorate the founding of J&B Whiskey and the emergence of tattoo art, Sebastien Mathieu, owner of the private Paris tattoo parlor Le Sphinx, tattooed 25 bottles of whiskey. Each bottle's unique design took the artist 20 hours of laborious work to craft. To get them ready for their badass makeovers, the bottles were coated in flesh-colored paint and covered with a thin latex layer that could withstand repeated needle pricks without compromising the integrity of the shape.

Wine and spirits merchant Justerini and Brooks opened up J&B rare scotch whisky (the world's party whiskey) in the middle of the 19th century. This time period also witnessed the birth of tattoo body art, a phenomenon that began in London and quickly became popular with sailors. But it was when Edward VII of England received a tattoo in 1862 that the fad really exploded. Soon tattoo parlors were opening up across the European continent. The collaboration between J&B and Le Sphinx celebrates the birth of these two crafts.

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[via Fubiz]