A couple days ago, we learned the truth about that viral "First Kiss" video and shared our thoughts. As to be expected, some people had opposing views. One reader, however, shared a link to a project that she completed four years ago that used a similar idea with one important distinction: her kissing strangers were normal people and they were actually strangers.

Detroit-based artist Mara Magyarosi's "A Greeting of Sorts (2010)" series grew out of a desire to explore the awkwardness she had experienced with every first kiss in her life. Her subjects met in front of the camera (and a floral backdrop) and were shot at various points during their three lip and tongue wrestling matches. Some of the photos are very awkward and uncomfortable, and a few are actually as cute and sexy as those from that other video. Check out a few of our favorites above and click through to see the full set

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[via Mara Magyarosi]