Celebrity real estate is usually cooler than normal real estate for two reasons: 1) celebrities have more money than normal people, and 2) celebrities have more money than normal people. More money usually translates to better interior design, interesting architecture, and some crazy features that only rich people would think to have. That is not the case with the house Vince Vaughn (who is technically still a celebrity) bought from ex-USC football coach Lane Kiffin

Blame it on the family life, or the fact that Kiffin himself isn't really a celebrity, but his house is pretty non-descript, especially for a $6.5 million dollar house in Manhattan Beach, California. The size is impressive at 7,308-square-feet, but Kiffin and whoever he hired to fix the place up did the bare minimum to spruce it up. There is a saltwater pool, firepit, three-car garage, outdoor kitchen, and guesthouse...you know, family shit. Vaughn does have two children, but we kind of hate to see the guy who starred in Swingers and Wedding Crashers pack it all up to live domestic. For $6.5 million he could have definitely done better.

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[via CurbedLA]