Alexandre Farto, better known as Vhils, is unique among many of the other muralists out there in that he doesn't simply paint on buildings throughout the world. Instead, he creates his iconic large-scale murals by painstakingly carving and chipping away at concrete walls. Most recently, the Portuguese artist has been spending a lot of time in the remote Brazilian village of Araçai, visiting the people of the Guarani tribe.

Vhils and Araçai's local craftsmen recently completed a collaborative installation for a show at Caixa Cultural, on view until May 11. Since we can't read a word of Portuguese, the only detail we can tell you about the show is that it features 54 wooden doors Vhils and the Guarani people worked on together. Each door has been carved with highly detailed renderings of indigenous motifs and portraits of the local people, similar to the piece on the wooden cabin pictured above.

[via StreetArtNews]

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