The Model Files is back. VFiles’ popular web series returned today and pokes fun at the underlying racial inequality that often pervades the fashion industry. In this episode, casting director Preston Chaunsumlit tries to combat the issue by starting an agency that only recruits Asian models.

Dubbed the “Asiancy,” it’s both a clever play on words that really lets people know what the agency is about. Since it's sooo hard to find an "ethnic" and/or "niche" model at a typical agency. It will provide a geo-tracking services so you know where all the Asian models are located at all times, and is also a charitable non-profit. Best part is, the video above is actually very entertaining to watch. 

Check the video above and see what happens when he tries to present it to fashion’s Asian illuminati. This might seem like all fun and games, but sadly, racism still does exist in fashion.