As a part of the stage design to show off her Autumn Winter 2014 collection, Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen collaborated with Lawrence Malstaf during Paris Fashion Week to suspend models in midair between plastic sheeting. The models were displayed in the middle of a catwalk, sealed in the plastic by tubes that sucked out most of the air like FoodSaver bags. We're not sure how the tubes provided them with air while also preserving the vacuum effect, but it doesn't look like a comfortable job to have (such is fashion).

Wouldn't this be a huge distraction to anyone attempting to view the collection? The "Biopiracy" collection references metamorphosis and the designer asks the question "are we still the sole proprietor of our bodies?" We get the connection to nature, biology, and physicality, but this seems more like a theatrical move than a contextual one. For more photos of the models and information about the collection/collaboration, check out Iris van Herpen's website. 

[via Dezeen]