Thanks to French designer Aleksandar Dimitrov, you can now be a friend to the environment and get yourself organized at the same time. Dimitrov designed a 3D-printed accessory, called the tp Pencil Holder, that can be used to turn toilet paper tubes into pencil holders. The simple device features beveled, concentric circles and three prongs. By guiding the mechanism’s prongs into one side of the tube, you can create a sturdy utensil holder. The accessory’s inner circle is gridded with several bars to prevent pencils and pens from slipping through the bottom. It comes in white, black, and a few limited edition colors and is customizable for any prospective buyers who wish to add their own flair to the contraption.

The tp Pencil Holder can be purchased on Dimitrov’s website and online at 3D-printing conglomerate Shapeways.

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[via Dezeen]